No Shave November, a movement meant to create awareness and raise money for cancer, tends to bring beards to the forefront. For some men, No Shave November is a chance to try and get their beard to be fuller than it ever has been before. Men may have to turn to a beard transplant in order to achieve any sort of beard style that requires a lot of hair. If you have decided to keep a beard or you are looking to get a facial hair transplant, you may be interested to learn about a few different beard styles that require different amounts of facial hair.

Full Beards

There are some beards that require a full face of hair. These styles include the:

• Full Beard
• French Fork
• Ducktail
• Verdi
• Garibaldi
• Dutch
• Bandholz

The difference in these beards is the way that they are trimmed and styled. Some require lots of precision, but the Bandholz is more of a free-flowing beard that requires less definition.

Chin Beards

There are some beards that don’t necessarily require lots of hair growth along the cheeks and near the side burns. This type of beard would include the:

• Goatee
• Extended Goatee
• Goatee and Mustache
• Balbo
• Imperial
• Van Dyke
• Anchor
• Circle Beard
• Chin Strip
• Chin Strip and Mustache
• Soul Patch

For someone who cannot grow facial hair on the cheeks, this type of beard is a great option if you do not want to get a beard transplant.

Sideburn Beards

Finally, there are the beards that are just extensions of side burns. These include the:

• Mutton Chops
• Friendly Mutton Chops
• Chin Curtain

If you struggle to grow a mustache or hair on your chin, this type of beard may be the answer that you are looking for.

Growing Your Beard

According to a study by Braun, a German consumer-goods company, 67% of men in New York have some sort of facial hair. If you want to grow a beard to follow the trends or because you think it would be more convenient to not have to shave every day, consider getting a beard transplant to ensure that your beard will look exactly like you want it to. Dr. Ende can help you achieve the look you’re after. Call today for a risk -free consultation.