Like many other aspects of fashion, what’s popular with facial hair also comes and goes. It can be difficult to keep up with the ever changing beard trends. However, the fact is that beards are popular, especially in New York City. According to a survey done by a German-based consumer-goods company called Braun, about 67% of men in the five boroughs of New York City have some sort of facial hair. What can you do if you don’t have the ability to grow a beard? More and more men are turning to a beard transplant to gain the facial hair necessary to keep up with the styles.

Growing a Beard

Once you decide to start growing a beard or go ahead with the transplant, you have to figure out what sort of beard is the right choice for you. There are a lot of different beard styles out there, but because of the changing trends you should try to find something that is either extremely classic or that you love.

A classic beard would include an extended goatee – a variation of the traditional goatee. Unlike the traditional, this extended version includes a mustache and has some facial hair extending along the jawline. A beard transplant would be helpful for men who cannot grow hair along the jawline or as a mustache.

When you choose a beard that you feel exemplifies who you are, you may not feel inclined to follow the trends. That means that you would be able to grow a beard that you like and keep it until you don’t want it anymore. A beard that many men are finding unique enough to fall in love with is the french fork beard. This is a stylized version of the full beard. Hair is supposed to extend down past the chin, and then split into two segments.

Getting Your Facial Hair

No matter if you want to keep up with the facial hair trends or not, if you want to have the option to grow a beard when the mood strikes – you may want to get a beard transplant. Be able to embrace a facial hairstyle that you love when you gain the ability to grow facial hair all over your face. Contact Dr. Ende for a risk-free consultation.