According to a survey done by Braun, a consumer-goods company in Germany, about 67% of men in New York City have beards and of those 67% about 33% have a full beard. These numbers show that beards are quite popular in New York, but not all men are lucky enough to have the facial hair to grow beards. Beard transplants are being turned to by men who want to grow a full, nice-looking beard like the rest of their peers. If you were to get this type of facial hair transplant, what sort of beard would you grow?

Full Beard

The full beard, as its name suggests, is a beard and mustache combination that covers the entire lower face. Often men define a neck line in order to keep the beard looking nice and well-trimmed. Some men who have hair too high up on their cheeks also have to create a defined cheek line. This beard requires little maintenance, but it should be trimmed in order to keep it clean looking. If your facial hair is patchy, a transplant will be necessary in order to give you the full look that this beard requires.

Ducktail Beard

The ducktail is similar to the full beard except that the bottom part of the beard near the chin is styled to make it resemble a duck’s tail. In order to perfect this look, men have to trim the upper part of the beard, and let the lower chin part grow a little longer. A beard transplant would be required to make sure that this type of beard can blend together in just the right, sophisticated way.

Circle Beard

The circle beard may be the answer for men looking for a way to grow a beard that does not require a lot of hair growth on the cheeks and sideburn area. This beard is pretty much a mustache and a rounded goatee combined into one facial hair masterpiece.

Transplants for Success

Part of growing the best beard is finding one that you can keep looking nice. A beard transplant may be necessary in order to give the full appearance that you are looking for. If you’re getting a transplant, make sure to learn about all of your beard options. Dr. Ende can explain them in more detail – call today for an appointment.