It’s estimated that up to 35 million men in the United States are currently experiencing male pattern baldness. While male pattern baldness certainly isn’t anything new, there have been advances in techniques in recent years that have helped men overcome it. One such thing is the option of a hair transplant. If you’re a New York resident suffering from male pattern baldness, you may have reservations about investing in a hair transplant. However, there are plenty of reasons to consider going through with the procedure.

Having bald areas on your head can make you feel self-conscious, sometimes to extreme degrees. Some men who are balding will do everything possible to cover it up, from wearing hats to avoiding social situations. While going bald is natural and very common, it’s understandable how it could decrease your self-confidence. Investing in a hair transplant can help you overcome these feelings of insecurity, as having visible bald spots will be something you don’t need to worry about. You can go out in public with confidence that your hair will look as good as it possibly could.

Another reason people may hesitate to commit to a hair transplant is because they have developed something of a stigma regarding them. Images of shady used car salesmen with terrible hair plugs may come to mind when you imagine hair transplants. However, such looks are a thing of the past, as technologies have finally caught up to the desire men have to rid themselves of baldness. Hair transplants allow men to grow their hair back in a way that “tricks” the body into thinking it’s natural. While you won’t see instant results, you’ll most definitely see results within a year, and optimal results within about 18 months. Obviously this is a long time to wait, but when the alternative is to endure your increasing baldness, it doesn’t seem that bad.

Another reason you may be hesitant to go forward with a New York hair transplant is because you feel embarrassed to acknowledge the fact that you care about your hairline. Many men feel as if they aren’t supposed to care about such things, but the simple fact is that the vast majority of them do. While they may not outwardly express their feelings, many of them feel incredibly insecure inside.

Investing in a hair transplant is something that can increase your self-confidence and your ability to feel like you can take charge of any situation. If you’re hesitant at all about the procedure, do the research yourself and see what you can find. Contact Dr. Ende for a risk-free consultation today.