It seems that many men are concerned with the height of their hairline, whether from genetics or from hair loss. The standard hairline for men is measured at about two and a half to three inches above the brow line. A high forehead can affect the proportions of the face and it can be a facial feature that some find distressing. For those men seeking a remedy to the condition, hairline lowering surgery in New York could be the answer.

Hairline lowering in men is unique due to the importance and the uncertain stability of the frontal hairline. The best candidates for the surgery must be carefully selected according to their hairline pattern, hairline density, age and genetics. The patient needs to have a moderate or greater flexibility of the scalp to ensure that the surgery is successful.

If these factors are favorable, the procedure to lower the hairline involves making an incision along the front of the hairline. The forehead is surgically shortened and the hairline is advanced forward. A scar that is a fine line along the hairline is usually barely visible once it heals. There are some doctors who perform New York hairline lowering surgery, who also do hair transplant grafts in front of the incision line and at the temples. The excess hairs removed from the forehead reduction procedure are used as a donor supply. The hair transplants provide for a natural look as well as scar camouflage.

According to statistics released in 2013, there were 14.6 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures performed in the US in 2012. A number of these were performed in New York where there are numerous prestigious and qualified plastic surgeons. Some of these doctors perform hairline lowering surgeries and can help potential male patients consider if the surgery is the right answer for them.

Hairline lowering surgery can be the right solution for men who are concerned about the height of their forehead and hairline. Many men have found that the results have been effective for their appearance and self confidence. To find out if hairline lowering surgery is right for you, contact Dr. Ende.