If there are things about your physical appearance that you wish you could change—your beard won’t grow in thick and full, you have too few eyelashes, or your sideburns and eyebrows leave something to be desired—know that you have viable options. Here is more information about the various types of facial hair transplants available.


When you want to achieve perfect eyebrows, you have options: makeup, tattoos, and dye being a few of them. Another one you might not have thought of is eyebrow transplantation. An eyebrow transplant is the most natural way to enhance your eyebrows’ look because it uses your own natural hair.


If you have weak or sparse eyelashes, you can choose products supposedly designed to enhance your eyelashes’ natural look and texture. Eyelash extensions are another option that can give the illusion that you have more eyelashes than you do. Both of these options are temporary and will cost a lot of money in maintenance over time. Another valid option is eyelash implants, which involves a very quick procedure of just a couple hours followed by the long-lasting eyelashes of your dreams.


As a man, you might not have ever even known or thought about a sideburn transplant. The way this works is by a surgeon clipping the hair on the back of the patient’s head short and then transplanting it to the sideburn area. If you have ever experienced sideburn envy when you look at another man’s face, there is hope for you after all.


A beard transplant is performed the same way that a sideburn transplant is. Both types of transplants are quick procedures with no visible scars and allow a person to make significant changes to his appearance with virtually no other side effects.

If you are looking to make a change to your physical appearance and increase your self-confidence and self-esteem, choosing facial hair transplants—whether your eyebrows, eyelashes, sideburns, or beard—may be more feasible than you think. Let Dr. Ende help you achieve your ideal look. Contact Dr. Ende for an appointment today!