Fifty-five percent of the men in the world have beards, and many of these men are NY men. Statistics indicate that women are more likely to see men with beards as more powerful and well-respected. Here are some of the latest beard trends that could be a possibility for you if you were to choose beard transplants in New York.

The Victorian Beard

Called the Victorian beard because of the era during which it initially surfaced, this beard will take the longest time to grow. It involves a full, longer beard and a full mustache. Many men with Victorian beards choose to style the mustache in handlebar fashion, for instance, and these beard types are a popular choice for those looking for a unique physical trait that sparks intrigue.

Celebrity Beards

There are plenty of celebrity beards that are popular right now. Some of the most recognizable beards include the Tony Stark beard from the Iron Man movies; the walrus mustache connected to a heavy goatee that was donned by Walter White in the popular television series Breaking Bad; and the thick chops and mustache made trendy by Marvel’s Wolverine.

The Tight Beard

The tight beard is one that is particularly difficult to accomplish if your facial hair tends to come in patchy. The tight beard is the opposite of the Victorian beard in that it involves a beard that is short and close to the face and achieves facial symmetry. The tight beard is best achieved when you set your trimmers to 2 or 3 millimeters. The hair is close enough to the face that if there are any patches or bald skin, it will be extra obvious. This is why beard transplants in New York may be a good solution for those wanting a tight beard and may not be able to grow one on their own.

If you want to look just like Walter White without extensive plastic surgery, or be able to twirl your beard in your fingers whenever you are deep in thought, then beard transplants in New York might be the way to go. A beard transplant is one solution to getting the facial hair of your manly dreams. Contact Dr. Ende for a consulataion.