If you were been born with a high hairline, then you might be a little self conscious about the size of your forehead, or at least the fact that your forehead appears slightly larger than normal because of your high hairline. For instance, there are approximately 20% of women who have a higher than average hairline, and while it is generally a genetic trait, there is a procedure you can do to lower it. Hairline lowering procedures in New York have become an increasingly popular outpatient procedure for both men and women seeking to lower their hairline, reduce their forehead size and bring their entire face to a more balanced position.

Hairline lowering procedures consist of removing a small and thin strip of your forehead skin that is right at the base of your current hairline and then pulling the scalp forward and stitching it in place. Anesthetics are usually given to the patient and there will be a bit of a scar left behind, but typically hair grows over that spot and helps to shield it. Many of the best hairline lowering doctors in New York, such as Dr. Ende, have patients with virtually invisible scars after just a few weeks of recovery.

You may be a good candidate for a hairline lowering procedure if you:

1. Are a woman with a high forehead and thick hair.
2. Are a man with a high hairline or large forehead with otherwise thick hair and no family history of hair loss.
3. Are a man who has had a new hairline installed on their scalp through hair grafting and now wants to lower the overall appearance of it.

If you happen to have thinner hair, then do not worry. You can still be a good candidate for a hairline lowering procedure, but you may have to have another procedure combined with it to make it more successful, such as a hair grafting procedure. Having a hairline lowering procedure done may also be able to elevate your eyebrows slightly if they happen to sit low on your forehead. But you should be aware that the procedure itself will not change the overall position of your brows.

Before determining if a hairline lowering procedure in New York is right for you, consult with your primary care physician. He will be able to go over all your options with you as well as refer you to an experienced and knowledgeable doctor, like Dr. Ende, who can perform the hairline lowering procedure. Try to receive several recommendations and talk with the various physicians about the procedure and what they can do to help you before ultimately making your decision. You can also contact Dr. Ende’s office directly to set up a consultation.