As people age, they become more aware of all the cosmetic surgery options out there that can help them hide the outward signs of aging. While many of these procedures seem a little extreme or risky to people who aren’t celebrities or models, hair restoration is one that appeals to many average people. The International Society of Hair Restoration found that, of the more than 9,000,000 hair restoration procedures that were performed worldwide in 2010, more than 1,000,000 were done in the United States. So, if you’re considering a hair restoration procedure, you’re not alone. You may be wondering – what are some of the procedures I might see in a New York hair restoration clinic?

One of the most common options is a hair transplant, which hides the effects of balding. In this procedure, hairs are collected from the back of a patient’s head, made into grafts, and transplanted over the bald area. These hairs are chemically distinct from the ones that naturally grow on the top of the head because they resist the hormone that causes balding. This treatment usually takes most of a day; the number of hairs that need to be transplanted depends on the final look that the patient desires, the extent of the bald area, and the fineness of the patient’s hair. Overall, this form of restoration is considered very effective, with minimal side effects aside from numbness of the scalp and some scabbing after a week.

Hairline lowering is not technically a means of hair restoration, but it gives the appearance of more hair and a smaller forehead by bringing the hairline forward. People who are already balding aren’t good candidates for this procedure. But for men who have lost a little hair along the frontal hairline, men who want to create the appearance of more hair, and women who want to reduce the size of their foreheads, hairline lowering is a great option. Hairline lowering is done under anesthesia; a strip of forehead skin is removed, leaving an incision behind the hairline. Besides numbness and a small risk of shock hair loss, in which hair along the frontal line temporarily falls out, this procedure also causes few side effects.

While many New York hair restoration clinics offer transplants, you are more likely to find hairline lowering services at practices that offer various types of cosmetic surgery. When opting for either type of surgery, it’s important to really look into the physician’s reputation, and understand the potential complications of either procedure. Going to the wrong New York hair restoration clinic can lead to complications or an unnatural final look, but going to the right one, such as Dr. Ende’s, will give you stunning results that will look authentic for years. Contact Dr. Ende to set up a consultation today.