Getting a hairline lowering procedure done is a great way to frame your face with more hair. Many women have a hairline that pushes back naturally over time. By lowering the hairline, many women find that their face becomes more attractive. Hairline lowering in New York is often passed over as a cosmetic surgery because it is not very common. However, if you are looking for a way to lower the hairline on your forehead, then this procedure is a relatively uncomplicated and easy way to go.

The process of lowering the hairline uses skin that you already have. When you go get this procedure done, the skin between your eyebrows and forehead will be pushed forward about one to two centimeters. Women with receding hairlines often find that their hairline becomes more masculine with age. This process helps “feminize” the hairline and bring it back to where it used to be. Hairline lowering usually only involves one procedure. However, if the skin needs to be pulled forward more than a normal amount, you may be required to come in for a two-step procedure.
Scarring is something many people worry about when they get their hairline lowered. If you have your skin pushed forward less than one centimeter, the chances of a lasting scar are very small. However, if you need a more in depth procedure and have your hairline pushed forward more than one centimeter, the potential for scarring is great.

Although many patients use hairline lowering procedures as a way to combat the effects of aging and hair loss, the results are not permanent. This is because lowering the hairline cannot stop more hair from falling out. Because this procedure often creates a scar on the person’s forehead, the survival rate for active hair grafts is low. Although hairline lowering is a great way to instantly improve the way your hair looks, the results are not permanent.

During the procedure, a wide cut is made along the hairline. The incision is usually made in a zigzag or random pattern to ensure that the scar does not come out in a straight line. Most surgeons do this because a straight line scar is easier for the naked eye to see than a curvy line. Once the incision is made, a portion of the skin at the hairline is removed. Then, the scalp can be moved forward to meet the skin where the incision was made. The two parts are then stapled together using staples that will naturally dissolve after a few weeks. Although this procedure may sound scary, the way it is done is very advanced, making hairline lowering extremely popular. Contact Dr. Ende in New York for a consultation today.