Uh-oh, it’s happening again! That dome of yours is looking a little shinier than last month and the hair that is left is quickly dwindling down to a few strays from that once luxurious mane of yours. Better grab a hat before those stragglers start going the way of their bristled kin, but wait, there may be an alternative way to not only hang on to those remaining hairs, but to take the steps to increase the growth of new hair. Sound interesting? Check out hair transplants and see what’s trending in the world of hair restoration.

As most people know, you shouldn’t go into the idea of hair transplants without discussing the risks with a reputable plastic surgeon or hair restoration specialist, after all, it is still surgery, no matter how frivolously popular culture deems treatments like cosmetic surgeries or hair transplants, you should ask good friends and family members about a recommended surgeon and interview with them to make sure that the two of you are a good fit. A hair transplant offers that more natural and youthful look that you once coveted, imagine growing your own hair after years of baldness, getting frequent haircuts, after years of drought you’ve got to tame that unbridled pate of yours.

A hair transplant from Dr. Ende can help restore self-confidence and self-esteem that might have also been reduced with the increasing amount of bare scalp and that hairline of yours that appeared to be receding further and further away. No doubt, you will be feeling far less anxious when visiting the corner barber and not watching in worry as the amount of hair on the floor falls less frequently with each subsequent haircut. Yes, re-growing your own hair and having the opportunity to try out the latest and greatest hairstyles can be a wonderful opportunity to recapture a bit of your former youth and younger looks. It will be the same shade and hue of your natural hair, because it is your natural hair. No worries about a toupee flying off at an inopportune moment or having to resort to the much-dreaded comb-over, your new hair will an intrinsic part of your overall look.

With the much more natural looks of modern techniques and restoration process, New York hair transplants with Dr. Ende will help you keep that Yankee cap of yours hanging up by the front door. Maybe you’ll wear it again when they make the series; after all you were devoted to wearing it back in 2009 and look what happened! Contact Dr. Ende today for a free consultation!