If you feel like your forehead is way too big, or that your hairline is too far back, you could possibly be a good candidate for hairline lowering in New York. With hairline lowering surgery, you can have your hair brought down lower on your forehead so that you do not have to feel self conscious anymore. This form of plastic surgery could be a great option for you instead of hair transplants, which can sometimes require multiple procedures over time.

People with thicker hair, and who feel like their hairline is too far back, are great starter candidates for hairline lowering in New York. The whole procedure is about two or three hours long, and you will usually be put under a general or local anesthetic. To bring the scalp forward, the extra skin of the forehead is removed and then the cut is stitched up. If the hairline is too high, and there is not a lot of extra skin to work with, the surgeon will most likely insert an expander under the scalp to stretch it with injections of water. This process may take a few weeks to get enough of the scalp to work with. Once the expansion is complete, the surgeon will take the expander out and will proceed with bringing the hairline down to the right level. If you are worried about a scar being visible where the incision was made, there is no need. The incision line will most likely be covered by your hair once it grows over the line. It will almost be as if your scar was not there.

Recovery time, away from work or other activities, for hairline lowering in New York, can take anywhere from a few days to about a week. It would just depend on how you are feeling about how you look and if the incision is healing correctly. You can expect the incision to be covered with a bandage after surgery, and your stitches will either dissolve or will be taken out by your doctor after about a week. If you find that there is some bruising or swelling, there is no need to sweat. This is normal and can be comforted a bit with a bag of ice and some pressure. Also make sure to elevate your neck and head following the surgery.

In the United States, about 13.8 million cosmetic surgeries were performed in 2012. Out of these surgeries, many of them were hairline lowering. Contact Dr. Ende today to find out if you’re a candidate for this cosmetic procedure.