A patient recently asked if it was malpractice for them to speak to a hair transplant consultant prior to meeting a doctor.  Dr. Ende truly believes that every single patient should meet with the hair restoration surgeon to formulate a surgical plan.  The hair transplant consultant can assist with the logistics such as hair transplant cost, hair transplant scheduling, other hair transplant logistics, etc…, but the hair transplant surgeon must discuss the risks and benefits of the procedure with the patient.

The same patient recently asked why some hair restoration surgeons do not actually administer the local anesthesia to their patients for the procedure.  Dr. Ende follows New York state law and does not allow anyone but himself to administer local anesthesia to his patients.  Dr. Ende performs all aspects of the local anesthesia for hair restoration prior to removing the donor hairs.

Dr. Ende will continue to discuss different topics in hair restoration malpractice questions in future blog posts.