Dr. Ende often discusses what it takes to obtain a great hair transplant result with his patients during in office consultation.  There is certainly a sense of artistry that goes into each of Dr. Ende’s hair transplant procedures.  Its should be obvious that it takes more than just moving hair from one place to another to obtain a great hair transplant result.  Aesthetic angulation, density, distribution of hair follicles based on available donor hair, proper design for a natural hairline, the quality and experience of the hair transplant team are only a few of the major determinants that effect the hair transplant result.  These items alone speak volumes for the unnatural results that Dr. Ende sees on a daily basis in his office from other hair transplant clinics in the United States, even right here at hair transplant clinics in Manhattan and New York City.  When one considers the cost involved in ensuring amazing results, the patient has to ask themselves “What kind of quality work can I possibly be getting if the doctor is charging 1000 dollars for 500 hair grafts?”  The answer is unfortunately obvious , which is why Dr. Ende continues to serve as an expert witness for hair transplant malpractice cases in New York.