Dr. Ende’s arsenal of hair restoration techniques allows him to offer several options in repairing donor site scars.  A quick google search will reveal many pictures of bad donor area scars from poorly performed hair transplant procedures.  There are many reasons for visible donor scars or widening of donor scars.  Simple mistakes like cauterizing during hair restoration surgery are unfortunately very common.  Poor suturing techniques, poor donor site selection, performing strip surgery when there is too much tension, hair transplant infections, unrecognized breakage of the donor strip sutures, surgeon only in Manhattan a few days per month and not available to resuture areas of broken sutures, and many other mishaps can occur leading to a widened or obvious donor scar.  Widened donor scars from hair transplant can be repaired using scalp expansion techniques, serial excision with undermining of the scalp, or hair transplant to the scar itself using grafts obtained from follicular unit extraction (FUE).