Dr. Ende is often called upon to repair hair restoration procedures performed using older techniques, poorly performed hair transplants using current techniques, or poorly designed hair transplants that didn’t keep the progressive nature of hair loss in mind.  Certain types of scalp flaps did not have progressive hair loss in mind.  We have all seen patients who have hair sticking straight up when the surgeon thought it was just as simple as plucking hairs out and plugging them back in.  Unlike most hair transplant surgeons, Dr. Ende incorporates his facial plastic surgery background and artistry in repairing a vast array of different hair transplant tragedies.  Patients with plugs can choose from a variety of different techniques and Dr .Ende will explain the benefits of each.  Some patients qualify for removal of the plugs with a punch tool that Dr. Ende has performed for many years despite others claiming to have “invented it”.  These plugs are dissected into follicular units and then replanted.  Follicular unit extraction of individual follicular units from a plug is also a great tool that Dr. Ende uses on a regular basis.  Any hair that the patient deems funny looking, misplaced, or just doesn’t want any more can be removed with minimally invasive surgery, and is much more reliable than hair reduction laser.