Follicular unit extractions is a growing part of Dr. Ende’s hair restoration practice.  Although incorrectly described as incisionless surgery by some of Dr. Ende’s competitors, Dr. Ende provides a more accurate description as sutureless surgery without a straight line scar.  Although the scar in standard donor strip follicular unit hair transplant is rarely of concern, follicular unit extraction is an excellent option for some patients.  Dr. Ende usually performs follicular unit extraction with tiny circular punch devices which allow for removal of single hair follicles in patients of all hair types.  Even patient with curly hair can have a follicular unit extraction procedure.  Although Dr. Ende’s team is capable of 4000 hair grafts with the strip technique, most follicular unit extraction procedures produce less than 1500 hair grafts.  The advantage of follicular unit extraction, is that patients can keep their hair shorter since there is no need to hide the linear scar from the other type of transplant.  Follicular unit extraction is great for patients whose scalp is too tight from too many previous hair transplants were taking an additional strip of hair would lead to a wide scar.  If another surgeon has told you that your donor site was exhausted of any remaining hairs for a strip hair transplant, make an appointment with Dr. Ende to discuss follicular unit extraction.  Since follicular unit extraction takes longer, the cost of a procedure is much higher.  Call Dr. Ende’s office to make an appointment to discuss all of the available options and their associated costs.