Bald spots on the crown and other regions of the scalp are common reasons for hair restoration.  Bald spots can be progressive due to hair loss, or can occur all at once from trauma.  Some patients who were born with bald spots have a misconception that hair cannot grow in that spot.  Hair restoration with either scalp surgery or hair transplant can improve almost and kind of bald spot.  Dr. Ende frequently discusses donor dominance as the reason why hair transplants work so well.  This term means that if you take hair from a part of the body where you would probably never lose it (donor area on back of head) and move it to another area where there is hair or no hair, the transplants will grow the same in the new area as they did in the old area.  A simplified explanation is that hair transplants work no matter where you put them, even if you never had hair in that area.  Bald spot reduction is an open scalp surgery that is not frequently performed any more, but is appropriate in certain circumstances.  Dr. Ende will always discuss all of the available options with you since he is one of the few surgeons capable of performing every option to help you achieve your hair restoration goals.