Childhood hair transplants are routine procedures in Dr. Ende’s practice under local anesthesia.  Dr. Ende typically waits until the patient is about to enter High School for small patches of hair loss due to trauma, burns or congenital (born that way).  Babies who were delivered by forceps or who had scalp infections at birth can have small patches of hair loss which are easily amenable to hair transplant.  Due to the relatively painless advanced hair transplant techniques that Dr. Ende uses, most children have no issue with a hair transplant during the procedure or after.  Dr. Ende is also skilled in scalp surgery and will give you all of the options for restoration of the balding area including both hair transplants and scalp reductions of many different types.  This range of hair restoration is unparalleled by most hair transplant surgeons due to their lack of any surgical background what-so-ever.  Many families ask if they should wait to have their childs hair restored until later in life.  Children tend to heal very well.  Hair transplants work very well in every age group, especially children.  Dr. Ende performs hair restoration and hair transplant on children of all ages, but usually suggests a time frame about 1 year prior to entering high school.