A receding hairline is one of the most common reasons for patients to contact Dr. Ende.  Many patients have seen Dr. Ende’s results for hairline lowering procedures and they wonder if the hairline lowering is the right procedure for their actively receding hairline.  The answer is unfortunately no.  However, Dr. Ende is able to use the most advanced medical and surgical techniques to restore a natural hairline in both men and women.  Male pattern baldness has been well described, and there are some reliable descriptions of hair loss progression.  Many patterns of hair loss do occur along the hairline.  Not only does hair transplant help restore a hairline by replacing what was lost, but if the remaining hairs are miniaturized, adding new hair can significantly improve the density and scalp coverage.  Only an experienced hair transplant surgeon can restore your hairline while keeping in mind future patterns of your progressive hair loss.  The question always comes up about waiting until the patient loses more hair before getting a hair transplant.  Because the procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is relatively painless, most patients choose to fill in the area of hair loss now with hair transplants, while understanding that future hair transplant sessions can be performed for future hair loss when it occurs.  Hair loss can occur at any age, and hair transplant can be performed on patients in their childhood (due to trauma or if they were born with a patch of hair loss) with no limit on how old a patient can be.