Most patients have follicular unit grafts that contain 1, 2 or 3 hairs.  These could be placed randomly back into the scalp leading to an unnatural hair transplant result.  Dr. Ende understands natural hair patterns and density and is able to use these grafts in higher level arrangement.  A microfollicular transition zone is usually used by placing the single hair grafts (interspersed with a few double) towards the front of the hair hairline, followed by using the larger grafts behind these.  Most people talk about a microfollicular transition zone as only using single hair grafts along the hairline, but a more natural result can be obtained by using some doubles as well.  With this said, the smaller 2 hair grafts are the most appropriate and should be placed in the same size tiny slits as the single hair grafts.  It goes without saying at this point that an irregular pattern needs to be used along the hairline of follicular unit hair grafts since a straight line is obviously unnatural (but unfortunately still happens with some hair transplant sessions even in New York) With these techniques in mind, Dr. Ende is able to obtain some the most natural hair transplant results in New York.