There is much more to hair transplantation then taking hairs from the back of the head and putting them in the front.  Careful attention to angle, density, direction, and curl needs to take place to ensure a natural and virtually undetectable result.  Even with these considerations, results are not always natural if the surgeon’s sense of artistry or experience with hair transplantation is lacking.  Dr. Ende has examined thousands of scalps and gained a much greater understanding of hair growth.  In fact the biggest and most easily correctable mistake that Dr. Ende sees from other surgeons, is the placement of every single hair in the same direction with no variation in the angle.  If one carefully examines the scalp, you will easily see that the hair direction typically varies somewhat even for hairs that are right next to each other.  Dr. Ende finds the best way to mimic natural hair patterns is to vary the direction and angle slight for each hair about 5-10 degrees.  This is just one of the ways that Dr. Ende is able to provide such natural looking results as can be seen in the before and after pictures.