Follicular unit hair transplantation is the most common form of hair restoration in New York. Many patients choose hairline lowering in New York for all the right reasons, but follicular unit hair transplant can restore hair in other areas of the scalp better than any other method. Dr. Ende’s follicular unit hair transplant technique allows for natural results, unlike hair plugs from the past. Through the study of thousands of patient’s scalps and a greater understanding of hair aesthetics, Dr. Ende is able to offer virtually undetectable results. Through removal of just one hair donor strip, Dr. Ende can perform more than 3000 follicular unit grafts in most patients, and as many as 4000 follicular unit grafts in some patients, which translates into nearly 9000 hairs transplanted in one session. Because of the theory “donor dominance”, the hairs on the back of the head are used. These hairs are chosen since they typically remain lifelong and will grow anywhere they are placed making them ideal candidates for hair transplant to the hairline, temporal region, frontal forelock, midscalp or crown region.