Dr. Ende has been utilized as an expert witness for hair transplant malpractice cases stemming from complaints about hair transplant problems. While Dr. Ende cannot be specific about the unique nature of hair transplant malpractice, he often discusses that if hair transplant is performed to the standard of care, most if not all hair transplant lawsuits can be avoided. The biggest issue that Dr. Ende sees in hair transplant malpractice lawsuits is that the surgeon performed a procedure outside the standard of care. Typically the technique used is not found in any hair transplant or hair restoration article or book chapter written by Dr. Ende or any other hair transplant surgeon. Of course most hair transplant malpractice lawsuits are not based on whether the patient gets a natural looking result or not. A natural result can only come by picking an experienced surgeon with a keen sense of artistry. The patient has to do their part in researching the hair transplant surgeon and choosing one who can substantiate their experience with sheer numbers of hair transplant surgeries performed, an experienced team, research, publications and of course great before and after hair transplant picture results.